they shown an MV of the Game - Pot Of Gold ft. Chris Brown.

the original lyrics on 2nd verse is

I ain’t a saint B, I aint a god God,

I aint an angel neither but I try hard yall,

but they subbed it like this

I ain’t a saint B, I aint a





thanks for being Kim Heechul :)

"We will not say Goodbye @Heedictator, but only See you later." =(( -@Heediktator/@Nala_17

"We will not say Goodbye @Heedictator, but only See you later." =(( -@Heediktator/@Nala_17

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Heechul's "Words of Wisdom"
  • Other than being lonely, i was always been forgotten by others.
  • If I fell down and got hurt, I won’t cry or making a big deal about it. Instead I keep it to myself and went home.
  • Because I am Kim Heechul.
  • We have many members, there are many times where we are apart, but i hope we can cherish the times we spend together. Even if there’s only a minute. Even if we are so busy that we are unable to meet. I still hope the members can enjoy the happy times together and comfort each other during hard times.
  • You never really know with life, just like how right now everything is unknown..
  • Don’t have to care about others, as long as do (my) own things seriously there will be harvest..
  • If the eyes are close, of course you can’t see anything.. If one eye is open then (you) can see many things. If both eyes are open you can see everything..
  • What have been done in the past.. What have been seen in the past… What have been lived in the past… Must do it happily!!
  • My inner heart has never relaxed, is always in anxiety (worrying).
  • Don’t close the door when you’re in the room and instead has to open it, isn’t there such a saying?
  • Because the Earth is round, so if I frequently go around, all the kids in the world will meet
  • If I don’t start by trusting the fans, then everyone won’t have a reason to open their hearts to me.
  • All my friends are important.
  • “I tried living as a very nice person, but there’s no need to be nice .. you have to be mean to survive”
  • Even though I don’t have love, I have friends and fans with me
  • If there were no me, everything would be over for me~
  • Although i was happy. I was suffering.
  • So being with me will give the person a sense of achievement. (since he’s difficult to understand)
  • I felt hopeless but did not lose my smile.
  • I feel that people I don’t remember are not important people.
  • I do acting, but Suju is my eternal home.
  • Because of the popularity, at one time I wanted to drop out of Super Junior, but now it’s an important name, one I couldn’t shake off if I tried.

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